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Our objective and what to expect?

Gather as many positive leaders and learners within a safe space to discuss self-development & personal growth in contribution to a well-balanced lifestyle and encourage a transformative pathway to excel in all facets of everyday life.

– We will have an introduction from 5-10 mins, about why self development is so critical and why we should all take it seriously

– We will have a short 5-7min meditation session to get our minds right and continue the meeting in the right state of mind.

– we will have 2 speakers that will start us off with a self development topic they have chosen and bring us value by providing stories, video clips, and ideas to help us ingrain this skill deeper. While creating an interactive discussion so we can express our selves and get our minds more involved. Helps the learning process.

– after a wonderful meeting has come to an end. We meet at a bar around the corner and enjoy meeting others and creating relationships with good people.

The meeting is growing fast and we hope to meet more of Orlando’s finest 🙏🏽👍🏼

Come out and join us. And don’t be afraid to invite a relative or friend who would enjoy this as well! Thanks and see you all there! 🔑📝💯


— Our Mission

Provide a meeting where people can learn from others who take the time to put together a presentation that creates discussions. We plan to build these meetings in every area across the United States where people don’t have the opportunity to grow with like-minded

— Our Vision

The Self Development Group exists to encourage as many people as possible to create a self-development lifestyle. 

— Our Story

Nick and Serge desired to be a part of a group of like-minded individuals who had a burning desire to grow and achieve. They noticed there wasn’t anything like this in their area where people got together to discuss ways to develop themselves into better people. They decided to create their own and make it their mission to build mini masterminds all across the nation so that everyone has a chance to benefit from its powers. Like the legend, Napoleon Hill once said, “The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony creates a third invisible force, also known as, the Mastermind”


Nick Cardona


John Glendinning

Sargent of Arms

Michelle Caceres

Director of Education

Cely Ann Rivera




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